Technology Consulting & Services Company, with the mission to offer a professional service according to the budget and technological needs of customers. Our main areas are Custom Software Development, Mobile Software development, Education, Health and web development.

  • We are currently in the process of expansion. The countries where we'll be next are Chile, Paraguay and the United States where we hope to benefit more clients with our services..

  • Microsoft. NET is a set of technologies based on the vision of offering businesses a flexible technology infrastructure, communicating through standards and seeks to create user-friendly applications easy to integrate and modify any the ability to work in any kind of device.
  • Eduki Pre-School Management System is an Administration and Management Software for educational institutions (pre-school, kindergarten, pre-kindergarten). You can acquire it in it's Saas version and save costs.
  • Software as a Service or Saas is a software licensing and delivery model in wich software and data are hosted in the cloud and accessed by users using a web browser. We take care of the maintenance, daily operation and support the software used by the customer.



We are the best partner when making decisions regarding technology. Our staff with a vast knowledge in the area can help with the acquisition technology equipment, software, security, among other things.


A team of fully trained professional can offer courses, lectures and conferences in different areas of technology. With the advantage that we can prepare special courses for your company according to your need.


As a service company we aim to facilitate the processes of our customers to the maximum, providing quality solutions at a competitive price. The benefits of outsourcing are proven so we can be a great ally for you.